Windows Data Recovery

If you ever lost files and there are Windows PC/Server, then don’t worry, there is still chance that you can restore files on Windows.

Chance of Data Recovery

To keep the best chance of data recovery, here are some must-read tips:

  • Stop using the digital device right after you know there is data loss since any new file written to the data lost drive would rewrite lost files and make your lost files unrecoverable
  • Do not download or install the data recovery software to the data lost partition
  • Do not save lost files to the data lost partition

Download Data Recovery Software for Free Search

data recovery softwareData Recovery Software is a handy utility that could bring data back from mistakenly deletion, reformatting, software crash, system crash, partition magic caused data failure, ghost wrong partition, format drive or card by mistake, not formatted error, raw drive/filesystem, system reinstall caused data loss…

Windows 7 full compatible, it is working with all kinds of digital devices (internal&external drives) like pc hard disk, ipod, USB drive, external hard disk, hard disk drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, blackberry…

Download it to start free search on Windows

Key Features of Data Recovery Software

  • recover different data lossFull compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7; Server 2000/2003/2008 32&64bit
  • It could restore photos, video, audio files, emails, word documents, excel files, powerpoint and all other files
  • Files lost due to regular reformat, full format, quick format drive/card can be restored
  • Provides four recovery modes for different levels of data recovery
  • Fastest undelete with ‘Deleted File Recovery’ for recovering recent deleted files or file lost emptied from recycle bin
  • Powerful ‘Deep Scan Recovery’ to search lost files sector by sector
  • Complete solution for RAW filesystem or raw drive file recovery
  • Restore files from drive not formatted error
  • Free preview lost files including photos, Microsoft office files – word, powerpoint, excel

 Download it to start free search on Windows

How to use Data Recovery Software to recover lost files

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software on a Windows PC/Server and connect external digital media to PC if data loss was happened to external drive. Tips: please do not download/install the software on the data lost partition. Eg: if you lost file on E:, then it is safe to download software on c and install it on c. However if you lost files on E, and the desktop files was stored on E, then please do not download the software on the desktop.

Step 1 : Select – Open the data recovery software and then select a recovery option for your case, and here we are trying to recover formatted photos as example, so we select ‘Format Recovery

recover files

Step 2: Start to Scan . Now the program will start to scan the drive you choose and look for lost data.

start free searching

Step 3: Preview found files . After the scanning process is over, be free to click the button “Show Files“. Then there will be a lot of files found and listed on the interface.
preview lost files

Step 4: Recover Found Files. If you confirm your deleted files has been found, buy and get a register code to get your files fully recovered.
save lost files

Download it to start free search on Windows


    My final year dissertation is due in soon, and today my dam USB had the scan/fix error. And all my project work was gone, I wanted to give up, I spent so many weeks on it! YOUR TOOL found them! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Saved me, from weeks and months of work again!!!!!

    Now I know! EVERYONE who reads this! If your doing important work, backup it right NOW!!!

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