USB Drive File Recovery

What shall we do when usb drive lost your files? Today we run into a PC user claiming that his USB drive has some problem with the computer. He connects his usb drive to the PC and after restarting the OS, the files in USB drive are gone but when checking the usb drive, the property shows that the drive has 1GB files but just cannot see the files. How to fix the problem? How to restore missing files?

USB Drive Shows no Files

Why this happens that the USB drive shows no files when you double clicking the removable drive you connected to your computer. You have tons of photos, working documents, financial report excel… And you even did not know why these files are all gone. Virus? It could be the reason.

What is the key element that makes the files gone or not? – File allocation table (abbrivated to be FAT). It, the file allocation table works as book index that keeps records of files storage location. Files are all stored as clusters in usb disk sectors. A sector cannot hold one single file like your word, psd image file and other large files. They will be arranged to different sectors to store. And FAT, the file allocation table is here to record where one single file is stored. And computer will need the FAT to read your file when you try to access the file.

Restore files from USB drive

As we know FAT is only the index that records the file locations not the data self. It means your data are still there but computer cannot locate them since the FAT is gone or corrupted. How to find your files when there is no FAT? You might need some recovery tool like DiskInternal Uneraser. Or you are not able to restore the missing files from the usb drive.

How to restore files with DiskInternal Uneraser

Diskinternal Uneraser is a file recovery tool that works with USB drives and can take files that are deleted by accident, drive formatted, files are gone without your concious, files are gone without a reason…

Steps to restore files using DiskInternal Uneraser may be performed as follows.

Recovery Wizard

  • Select file locations to search and scan

select drive folders to recover

  • Select file type to search and scan

select file type to recover

Read more tutorial at

You will be able to start a free file searching and scanning. Later it will show your files.

Download it at

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