Recover PowerPoint

How to restore lost powerpoint, a MS office file that contains important information and you lost it. This article will introduce you some recovery software that can restore lost powerpoint and get them back for you.

PowerPoint Gets Lost

Are you one of those who lost their MS office file – PowerPoint due to accidental deletion, partiton where Powerpoint was store get reformatted by mistake, Powerpoint storage media like USB drive, pen drive, external disk, flash drive cannot be detected, or get formatted by human error. Here are some users with their lost PowerPoint file

  • I was working on the computer when the screen “froze”. My mouse pointer would not move past the bottom windows taskbar. Keyboard commands would not work eitther (Ctrl alt del didnt work). I was forced to manually shut down and loose my powerpoint. And after searching its file location, it wasn’t there. How may I restore my Powerpoint. It is PPT 2007.
  • We use VBA to generate Powerpoint presentation using data from Excel. Data inserted into charts datasheet disappears after we save it. We stepped through the code to determine that after the file is saved, we cannot access the data from the chart. When we open the ppt presentation, the chart is still there, but once you click on it it goes blank and the datasheet is also blank. That doesn’t happen with any other ppt objects.
  • Lost data after saving Powerpoint presentatio
  • File recovery powerpoint file MAC, any chance ?

What shall we do once we realized the PPT file is gone or has errors? Stop using and avoid ppt file overwritten. Then here are the solution for you.

Recover and Repair PPT files

There is still free chance to restore lost ppt file and you may check it out on the page by Microsoft 

If the above free method fails, we still have options for you. Some useful tools like iCare Data Recovery might be the help to restore lost powerpoint from reformatted partition, unbootable OS, virus attacked usb drive… And you may check out the tutorial to restore lost ppt file here

Here we would like to introduce another program (powerpoint repair tool) for Powerpoint files – Recovery for PowerPoint – developed by Recoveronix Ltd.

Recovery for PowerPoint is able to repairs corrupted PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pps, .pptx). It is a perfect match for you to fix your power point file once you find out there is some errors even you restore them from lost media.

Features of Recovery for PowerPoint

  • Supports all modern file versions, including 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97
  • Restores presentation structure and layout
  • Extracts master-slides
  • Recovers text and placeholders
  • Recovers text formatting: font size, style, type face, text color
  • Recovers embedded images
  • Recovers slide animation
  • Restores gradient fills inside shapes
  • Is able to extract data from “fast-save”-documents
  • Full install/uninstall support

You may download a free demo here

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