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iCare Data Recovery Software is all you need for recovering photos, videos from various digital media like digital camera, memory card, blackberry, flash drive, USB drive, external hard disk drive, sim card, smartphone, hard disk partition, cf card, xd card etc.

It could restore photos if deleted by mistake, lost due to format (quick format or complete format) by mistake, human error, device storage error, wiped by error…

The DIY data recovery tool for recovering photos is simple to use and it does not require any techinical skills. It only takes a few clicks to finish the free scanning. You can preview lost photos in just a few clicks.

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Download to Start Recovering Photos for Free 

Key Features to Restore Photos

When losing photos or other digital files like videos, you can download a free trial of this program to install it on PC and start a photo rescue by yourself.

  • just three stepsPowerful photo recovery ability by “Deep Scan Recovery” for the most complicated data loss which searches every sector on your media to recover the most photos
  • Not only photos but also videos, office files, music files can be restored by this program
  • It only requires a few clicks to perform a photo recovery “Select device – scan device – recover photos
  • 100% Risk-Free PHOTO RECOVERY program which provides read-only method to scan lost photos
  • preview photosRAW photos can also be restored
  • It can restore photos from all brands of digital camera, memory card, portable media, cellphone, PCs
  • Preview ablility – it lets you preview lost photos in the trial to make sure your photos can be restored sound.
  • Easy to use photo recovery tool – it is designed for computer starting levels and even grandmas are able to use such program.
  • All types of photos are supported by this program.

Step by Step Photo Recovery Tutorial

As an advanced photo recovery utility, it is able to restore photo types like BMP GIF JPG JPEG PCX PNG PSD TGA TIF TIFF, CAD, etc.

Preparation: Download and install this photo recovery software on a Windows PC, connect external digital media to PC if data loss was happened to external drive like digital camera, memory card, cellphones. Tips: if it is memory card, you need to use card reader to connect it on PC.

Step 1 : Select – Open the recovery software and then select a recovery option for your case, and here we are trying to recover formatted photos as example, so we select ‘Format Recovery

recover files

Step 2: Start to Scan . Now the program will start to scan the drive you choose and look for lost data.

start free searching

Step 3: Preview found files . After the scanning process is over, be free to click the button “Show Files“. Then there will be a lot of files found and listed on the interface.
preview lost files

Step 4: Recover Found Files. If you confirm your deleted files has been found, buy and get a register code to get your files fully recovered.
save lost files

free download

Download to Start Recovering Photos for Free 


Photos Lost

Photos on the storage media can be lost for different reasons like SD card reformatted or says not formatted and need you to format it, memory card photos lost by accidental deletion, wrong operation of iPod, iPhone, digital camera with quick format or restore to factory settings…System crashed and photos are gone…

People who lost photos and are looking for help. Check out whether you are one of them. Here we just list some users situation for instance.

  • I have a Lexmar 4GB SD memory card which was full of photos and videos. I did not know the camera was low on battery and while attempting to take a video clip that the camera shut off. The camera now tells us that there are no images on the card.
  • i was uploading photos into iPhoto (with the delete originals option on) and my entire system froze up so i had to restart my MBP using the powerbutton. Going back to get the photos, half of them are gone.
  • Help – my photos are gone when copying them to my hard disk from my camera sd card. That’s my only travel to Hawaii. I got bearly no chance to travel. Please tell me is there any chance of photo recovery?
  • Anyone have any recommendations for software to recover photos from a damaged SD card?

Chance of Photo Recovery

As we know photos are stored in different storage media and users may lose them in different cases. The chance of recovery lies in the photos overwritten or not. Generally the portable devices is simple in data storage like camera sd card, memory card, flash card, xd card, micro sd card… Usually these devices has FAT (file allocation table). When losing photos, it does not means photos are forever gone. They are just temperally gone and you can restore them. But if you accept new files, like new photos taken and let the old files overwritten, then the photos are permernently gone.

Here is a list of things you should perform once you realized your photos are missing.

  • Stop using the media like sd card, flash card, xd card, ipod, iphone… (in case the lost photos will be overwritten)
  • Connect the photo media like sd card, xd card, mini card to a  card reader and then connect it to a PC (most photo recovery software is based on Windows plantform. So what you should do is to let the recovery software search your lost photos from the photo media)
  • Download a photo recovery software like iCare Data Recovery Softwarempeg pdf pmd png ppt pst pub rar rtf sdr tar txt tif viso wav wmf wpd xls zdp zip asf avi bmp csv doc dbx dwg gif gzip html jpeg mdb mov mp3  (included some media type).

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