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Lost files from your Blackberry? Need to recover photos from blackberry?

We know that there are many types of blackberry like blackberry bold 9700, white blackberry, blackberry 8900… No matter what types of blackberry you use, any data lost from this device, you can still get chance to restore them. Just make sure you stop using the blackberry once you deleted your photos or pressed wrong button.

We take photos or videos with BlackBerry cell phones most often, as it’s convenient. However, some of us may encounter data loss at times. We may delete them mistakenly and then wonder if there’s a way to find them back. Please do not worry or panic, because we have the solution for you! You surely have chances to get them back! Please read on.

First let’s have a look at common BB Phone file loss scenarios, they are the possible causes of data loss:

1. You deleted all the photos instead of the intended ones.
2. You accidentally erased some precious photos when you connect BlackBerry (memory card) to your computer, but you could not find them in recycle bin.
3. Problems occur on file transfer that some photos are not successfully delivered to PC or Mac computer and they are missing in both computer and BB Phone.
4. Whole card format without any backup.
5. The memory card inside BlackBerry is corrupted so you can’t access them.

Why they can be recovered?

You may wonder how’s it possible to recover lost files. Actually when you delete Blackberry memory files with a computer, they won’t go to recycle bin, nor are them deleted permanently. Those files are intact out there in your cell phone memory card. It’s only the file system marked the deleted files as free space but data is still there.

Those who lost photos from Blackberry

Is there chance that I could restore some data (photos in particular) from a Blackberry that was damaged by me unexpected. It dropped onto the ground and then the device reported errors.  It’s not completely destroyed, however… just will not power on at all.  I was wondering if anyone here has some tips for doing this type of recovery.  Blackberry is different from recovery from other media like other ordinary devices like laptop hard drives, or SD cards, or memory sticks… things like that. I contacted some support team in blackberry and they said I should ask some software for help.

If you want to recover lost Blackberry files, the right option is to use third-party data recovery software. This is the most effective and efficient way. We’d give you some recommendations here. They are well tested software and they are easy to use with user friendly interface, equipped with strong capability to handle all kinds of data loss.

Free Blackberry Data Recovery Software

Stellar Photo Recovery – This easy and powerful media file recovery program is for Windows PC users. It helps undelete photos, videos and music files from various storage media including Blackberry mobile phones.

Stellar Macintosh Photo Recovery – If you are Mac user, this is the right option for you. It can recover lost photos, audio and video files not only from Mac HDD, but also external devices like BB phone. It’s fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and above.

Here’s a short tutorial to recover Blackberry files:

1. Connect your Blackberry phone (memory card) to your computer via a card reader or so. The select the target disk.
2. Select the drive along with file type to start a scanning process. Lost files will be listed after a while.
3. Recover the found items and save them to another partition. Complete!

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