Recover files from deleted recycle bin

I am sure, this has happened to everyone at some point of time. We make a stray mouse click and all our data gets deleted.  Many of you might be thinking that this means a final goodbye to your files. Happily, we have hundreds of tools and tips to restore deleted files from external hard disk.

Before we learn how to restore deleted files from external hard disk, let us see how the files are stored in a hard disk. The data is stored in different ‘sectors’ of your hard disk. When you click “Save As” in an application, the file gets written into specific areas of your hard disk. A “pointer” is assigned to every file that is stored. These pointers are used to locate a file that is saved on your hard disk. The restoration of deleted files from external hard disk becomes possible because, during deletion of a file, the operating system only trashes the pointer and not the files. This in simple terms means that when you hit ‘delete’ only the ‘pointer’ is deleted.

The “Recycle Bin” is the first aid that is available in windows to restore deleted files from external hard disk. Open your recycle bin and you will find your deleted files there. You can easily restore them to their old destinations. On a Mac, the same feature is available by the name “Trash”. But when you delete a file in DOS prompt, they are simply deleted and you will have no second chance to find them.

There are many other utilities that are available to restore deleted files from external hard disk. Even if you have emptied the “Recycle Bin” you can restore them using these utilities. Some of them can be downloaded for free. ‘Restoration’ is the most popular utility for file restoration in Windows Operating System. But this software finds all the files that were deleted, including uninstalled program files. So if you know the extension (DOC, JPEG, MP3 etc) of the file that you have deleted, you may narrow down the search to those extensions. Restoration is definitely free, but it is less secure. It does not offer any guarantee to restore deleted files from external hard disk. So if you are looking to restore very important files, you better purchase some excellent software.

It is said that ‘your data is only as good as your last back up’. The significance of backing up crucial files is very high. Every significant file that we have must be backed up once every week. In financial or business organizations, data must be backed up each day. There are many websites which allow you to back up tons of data for a very small price. At $ 5.00 per month, all your precious data can be uploaded into the website. So, even if your computer crashes, you can get back all your valuable information in a few minutes.

Prevention is always better than cure. It is always better to create timely backups of your data rather than searching how to restore deleted files from external hard disk after you have lost them.

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