Recover Deleted Partition

In early times segmentations of the hard drives were done by using fdisk DOS command but now with the evolved Windows operating systems, method of segmentation has completely changed. In start, FAT16 and FAT32 systems were partitioned by using some very complex partitioning because at that time this complex partitioning was necessary to run some specialized applications. NTFS file system has made much improvement to the partitioning method. One thing is sure that when there’s come some new product with more evolved shape, they are more prone to different kind of problems and also they are more sophisticated as compared to the earlier ones. In Windows operating system there are many chances of partition lose.  Partition lose could be because of some dangerous virus or it could be because of overwritten data. This kind of problem could be result in semi-catastrophic problem.

icare data recovery software is considered as the best software to recover deleted partition because it is the only software which provides all the features with minimum cost and also it is also the best software because it is much easy to understand as compared to other software which are available in market with much high price and they are not enough efficient as that icare data recovery software. icare software provides its powerful features to recover deleted partition in two ways which are described here.


In the quick scan, the software finds all the partitions where some corruption occurred previously or where some partition was deleted before. In this type of scan all the lost partitions are figured out and the software provides its full functionality to recover that deleted or corrupted partition in minimum time.


There is also a thorough scan available which is used in a situation when some drive is re-partitioned. It is very difficult to find an older partition or a reformatted partition, that’s why thorough scan scans the drive completely or heuristically and finds the lost partitions. For e.g. if you have 50 GB drive which has 2 equally size partitions then it’ll be re-partitioned into two unequal partitions which will not necessarily of equal size. icare data recovery software provides the best features to recover deleted partitions and it provides its working result in minimum time as compared to other software which take more time to locate and recover that deleted partition.


 What are the main steps to recover deleted partition?

All you need to do is to attach the corrupted partition as secondary drive to some other computer and then install icare data recovery software on that computer. After that you have to run the software which will then locate your corrupted partition and recover that deleted partition.

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