outlook express email recovery

Recover lost out look emails

Some times when people see the size of their inbox and they got irritated from the size of emails, they delete emails from their inbox to decrease the size of their inbox. And many times they came to know that they have done a great mistake, they have deleted some of their important mails. Many people got tensed in this situation but I would advice them that there is a simple way to get out of that situation. We have such a recovery tools that can easily get back these necessary deleted mails named as iCare Data Recovery Software.

Some important things about the storage of these emails are that when we store all these mails in our mailbox, we have an extension with them. And with all emails we have an extension of .dbx , And further important is that these all emails are stored in only one specific folder. The name of that folder is fixed and it is store folder. Its location is not very simple; you can reach to that folder through main Documents and Settings.

There are some threats for that emails, and those threats can be of many types like when you delete these emails rather you do not wanted to do this and if there is some kind of virus which can affect emails. There is some important thing to do whenever you see that you have deleted an email that you do not want to be deleted then at the spot shut down your outlook express.

These emails have been deleted from inbox or drafts and you can’t see them but the most important is that these are not deleted from .dbx. Now outlook express email recovery software will help us in recovering those emails by just running iCare Data Recovery Software.

If you do not recover them soon then these mails will be deleted from .dbx slowly and slowly and the performance of your outlook will automatically increased. Also there is a software that can easily repair all those damaged .dbx files during deletion process. All these recovery tools that are available are used to recover the deleted emails and also for some of those emails which need to be repaired. Also you can easily drop those deleted mails back to your inbox folder. Now one thing that you can do is that you can easily download a demo version of outlook express email recovery software named as iCare Data Recovery Software and process.

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