iTunes Data Recovery


Data Recovery Software for iTune can help you restore deleted photos, music, movies from iTune. Now here you can get free data recovery program to recover deleted itune photos, music.

Now you’ve got to take away the concept that some particular iPhone or iPad backup software is a must for file backup & restore. Yes, it’s true that if you have a backup copy of all your data from your iDevice, you can easily restore all the files which were gone for any reason. It’s exactly the function of System Restore. But actually many people don’t want to use such data backup software. They won’t even think about it.

If you are one of the users who dislike installing some iDevice backup software, here’s the good news for you. With the born of Data Recovery for iTunes (details below), you can get things done without previous backups or copies.

Why You can Recover Data from your iDevice Even if the Device is Lost or Broken?

iTunes will automatically back up all your previous data and save them as a file with extension (.sqlitedb). This special file will be updated along with the later sync. You can’t view or take out your files kept in this special file because iTunes uses special algorithm to keep them. You have to use special tricks, or algorithm. That’s what iTunes data recovery tool is designed for. It will extract the data by advanced algorithms.

Obviously, as long as you did data sync with iTunes at least once, the backup files can be found on your computer. So even if your device is lost or broken, or you accidentally deleted your files, you still have chances to recover them from the backup (.sqlitedb) file.

iTunes Data Recovery Software Free

Data Recovery for iTunes is an easy-to-use yet free program designed for Mac users to recover photos, videos, music, SMS, Contacts, Messages, Call History etc deleted or lost from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad tablet via iTunes. It will:

> Extract any item from iTunes backup files, whether it be iPhone, iPad, or iPod files.
> Bring back media files, contacts, SMS, call records, etc.
> Full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or above, including the latest version — Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Please follow these 3 steps if you lost your data from iPhone, iPad, iPod:

Step 1 – Install and open the program on Mac, click “Start Scan”.
Step 2 – A list of all the devices that are synced with iTunes are displayed after step 1, please select a device and click “Scan”.
Step 3 – It will show you thumbnails of all found media files previously synced. Select them and click “Recover” button to get them back.

**It’s important to note that you DO NOT connect your iDevice to Mac or launch your iTunes when you use the program.

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