iPod Data Recovery

ipod recoveryLooking for software that can help you restore deleted photos movie music off iPod Touch? Recover photos from iPod is not complicated since there are some ipod recovery program that could do the job.

iPod is an overwhelming music player deeply loved by millions. However, there’s one problem out there in the use of iPod – data loss. Reasons may be accidental deletion, improper removal, card error, pressed restore button, software corruption, etc.

In this article, you will gain a deep insight on iPod data recovery solution, on PC or Mac machine. Please also note that it works for deleted or formatted or lost music files, video files, photos, audio books, pod casts, graphic files and documents.

Why you can Recover Files from iPod?

Depend on the operating system you use to format iPod for the first time, iPod adopts 2 file systems: FAT32 & HFS+. iPod is equipped with a flash drive that can be damaged, froze through human error, exclamation mark icon error, software malfunction and virus attacks.

The fact is – you CAN recover the files lost for any of the above reasons, as long as the flash memory is not severely damaged and the lost data is not overwritten. You’d better use third party data recovery software to achieve the best results.

iPod User Looking for Recovery HELP

Hello, I have deleted music files on my iPod Touch. Can someone help me out in finding a program that will let me recover the lost data after my hard drive has been erased? Wiping photos, mp4 files on iPod makes my photos and files no longer visible to me.

Somebody help me? I had this problem – deleted iPod photos about 3 days ago. I was too careless that my hard drive failed and all my songs, playlists, videos and photos were trapped on my iPod.

iPod Data Recovery Software for Windows

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery (for Windows) acts as a Windows based iPod recovery software to recover all your lost, deleted, formatted iPod data. The program works well for all kinds of iPod data loss. It supports recovery of various file type including image, audio, video and document files.

iPod Recovery Software for Mac

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery for Mac is specially tailored to suit the need of Mac users. It’s capable of recovering music files, graphics, videos, documents and other contents from iPod. If your iPod is suffering from corruption or damage, data got deleted or related problems that trouble you, this iPod data recovery program is the right option for you.

If you lost data, please follow the 3 steps below to recover lost files from iPod on PC or Mac.

#1 Connect your iPod to your computer. Launch the iPod data recovery software. Choose among the recovery modes the one best suits your data loss situation.

#2 Do a free scan with the program on your iPod to look for those lost items. A big list of files will be displayed at the completion of scanning process.

#3 Operate through the directory tree on the left pane and preview found items to evaluate if you want to recover them. Then click the “Recover” button to confirm. Lastly remember to save undeleted iPod files to another drive.

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