iPhone Data Recovery

iphone recoveryiPhone Data Recovery

Have you ever mistakenly deleted files off your iPhone, or got your iPhone device stolen, broken or lost? And put you at great panic because you have stored in it so much useful data like photos, contacts, sms, etc?

However, there’s still a chance to bring your lost files back. Feel inspired? Please read on…

First let’s have a look at these iPhone data loss scenarios:

1. You lost your iPhone! -Oh, it’s horrible
2. Water damage or other physical damage.
3. Accidentally deleted text messages, pictures, movies, audios etc.
4. Factory resetting.
5. iOS system upgrade related data loss.
6. Virus infection.
7. Software or Hardware malfunction when you sync them between iPhone and iTunes.

Luckily lost files can be recovered, here’s the mechanism you’ve got to know about:

iPhone keeps data on the internal flash drive other than expanded storage through a memory card slot or the SIM card. And iTunes is the core element to connect and sync all data between iPhone and PC. Each time you sync data between them, iTunes will automatically back up your original file in a .sqlitedb file, which will be updated along with later sync. But you can’t view the backup files or take them out because they iTunes uses special algorithms to keep them. So it’s where iPhone data recovery software works on. They are designed to be used for recovering deleted or lost files from iPhone via this backup file.

Please also note that iPhone data recovery software works for Contacts, SMS, call records, Calendars, photos, videos, music, iBooks also.

iPhone Data Recovery Software

What kind of iPhone can be restored?

  • Jail-broke types iPhone
  • Memory card used in iPhone if any used on your iPhone

First thing first: Stop using your iphone to keep any new data save on your iphone.

Download an iphone recovery software and then connect your iphone to PC as external and run recovery software.

Backup iPhone Data

Now we provide you with some helpful tips to protect iPhone data safe

Please back up your files on iPhone regularly, you may need a backup & restore utility. It’s the most effective way to protect your important data from getting lost.

On the hardware level, please get a defender case or a skin cover to protect your device from water damage or physical damage.

Think twice before you decide to delete something or format / reset your iPhone.

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