chkdsk is not available for RAW drives

What is the Windows message – chkdsk is not available for raw drives? What shall we do when chkdsk reports raw? Can we still get our files back when disk space shows 0 bytes? This page is your guide for the raw drive problem and a tutorial that help you out of this troublesome issue.

What is chkdsk is not available for raw drives?

chkdsk is a DOS command that can do a lot of help. Abbrivated of check disk, chkdsk is to check the use of your disk. It is a DOS command¬† that can show the disk status of your disk, RAM status, available disk spaces status… And it is a useful tool to check the work of your disk to see any errors that occur. When your disk reports errors, you may use chkdsk to see what’s going on there. What is chkdsk with RAW drive?

RAW drive or sometimes called raw file system is a disk status that shows system error since RAW is not a Windows or Liunx nor Mac recognized OS file system. RAW means not explored or not ready. Here raw drive brings trouble since the disk has already been used and the disk space is 0 bytes while you have tons of files or photos there and it can not be recognized by your system.

Some similar raw drive sufferees

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  • System is Win2K Pro/SP4, CHKDSK not available for RAW drives, drive in question is 320GB WD Caviar, any chance of data recovery from the 320GB WD drive?
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  • run chkdsk /r on a Raw drive and see the message Chkdsk raw and windows cant read my slave drive.

The above users are all related with troublesome RAW drive issue. You may right click your disk and see the property and it may become that the file system is also RAW and disk space 0 bytes. Then that’s the problem. And sometimes it happens together with “the disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”…

Restore files from RAW Drive

Here we made an example to restore files with iCare data recovery, a recovery program provided by which works to restore files from the raw file system. See the steps here.

Step one: Download the program
Step two: Run the program, select “Deep Scan Recovery”
icare data recovery
Step three: Select a partition that you want to restore files and run “recover”

select raw partition to recover

And it will start free file searching and disk scanning.

search lost files

Step four: Select the file that you want to restore in the file list to be recovery.

recover files

Step five: preview image by clicking “File Privew” on the right menu.

preview files

Download a free trial now to restore files from raw drive

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