CF Card Data Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files from Compact Flash Card

Have you ever encountered the mistakenly file deletion, card formatting or card corruption scenario and desperately seeking compact flash disk (CF disk, in short) recovery method? In this lens I can take your stress out by introducing several useful softwares along with some tips that will help you restore your data.

Tip #1
If you lose important files from CF card, the first thing you should do is to stop using the device in case new files overwrite deleted files.

Here are some CF Card Recovery Software you can choose from:
Odboso PhotoRetrieval (for Windows ) – aims at recovering your removed, missing pictures from CF disk. camera RAW image formats as well as general photo formats JPG, PNG, TIFF are supported.

1. Stellar Photo Recovery (for Windows & Mac) – is a CF media recovery software designed to restore deleted, formatted or lost photos, movies, songs from various kinds of CF card bearing many brands (SanDisk, Kinston and so on). It supports all types of CF card on the market.

2. Wondershare Data Recovery (for Windows & Mac) – acts as a full-fledged utility for file recovery. It specializes in file undelete, unerase and unformat from your CF card. Various file types are supported, including documents, eBooks, pictures, movies, music and so on.

3. Easy Drive Data Recovery (for Windows) – This is another dynamic CF card recovery software which has interface for six languages. UI is easy to use, allowing amateur users to grasp the software usage easily. You can preview files to confirm before you decide to recover them.

Tip #2
You have to install the software on your computer properly. And you should connect your CF card to the computer. Also note that please DO NOT install the application on your CF card drive.

Three Steps to Get Things Done:

1> Connect the CF card to your PC with a card reader. A USB port is also ok if you do not have one card reader at hand.

2> Scan the card for lost files. It will show you all the lost files it detected.

3> Fully recover the files by hitting the recover option.

Tip #3
If the software recovers your file successfully, do not save them back to your compact flash card in case part of files get overwritten. Please save them to another drive.

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