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Linux Data Recovery on Ext2 Ext3 File System

Despite of MS Windows’ worldwide presence in desktop OS market, Linux is a very famous operating system for Servers. Therefore, we empower our free data recovery software the ability to recover lost data on Linux file systems as well. Linux uses ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems. Firstly, we give a brief introduction of the three. Read more »

Digital Camera Photo Recovery

Anyone would commit mistakes. Photographers can easily delete the photos they have taken so much effort to take on the trip. And you, the ordinary digital camera user, may press the wrong button and delete your family photos. Besides human errors, photo loss can also be triggered by software or hardware corruption, interruption during copy and paste, camera malfunction, etc. In all of these cases you have chance of getting your lost photos back, and this is accomplished by using digital camera photo recovery software. In this article we are happy to introduce to you one of the most practical, quick and easy utility named PhotoRetrieval. Read more »

Digital Camera SD Card Formatted Data Recovery

camera sd card recoveryRecovering deleted photos, video files off SD card is possible. Users may accidentally run into deletion of camera card like sd card and do not know how to restore lost photos or video files.

I want to change the photo format while looking the pictures, then mistakenly clicked the “format” button and confirmed it,the digital camera l used is Canon EOS60D, the SD card can not be read any longer after formatted, wondered is there any Recovery Software for helping recovering lost data? Or is there any Recovery Software which can perfectly retrieve data? What makes me pity is that the lost photos are those group pictures with my parents.

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camera photo recovery

Digital Camera Photo Recovery

recover photos from digital camera memory card when you deleted photos or lost due to format error, mistakenly pressed wrong button etc.

Lost photos and need them back from your digital camera? Photo Recovery Software is helpful to recover and retrieve accidentally deleted photos from digital camera storage media. With Photo Recovery Software, you will no longer worry when you lose your family photographs. Photo Recovery Software is fully capable of recovering photos from various brands of digital cameras (Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Olympus etc), regardless of the reasons for your data loss. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and helpful. Kindly take this opportunity to make the best of it. No useless manuals, no hassles. It’s only a few clicks to recover your valuable photos.

download free

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Windows Data Recovery

If you ever lost files and there are Windows PC/Server, then don’t worry, there is still chance that you can restore files on Windows.

Chance of Data Recovery

To keep the best chance of data recovery, here are some must-read tips:

  • Stop using the digital device right after you know there is data loss since any new file written to the data lost drive would rewrite lost files and make your lost files unrecoverable
  • Do not download or install the data recovery software to the data lost partition
  • Do not save lost files to the data lost partition Read more »

TestDisk & PhotoRec review

It is happen sometimes you lost your complete data, all your important files etc and then you need them back. Now you need them back for your assignment or things like that, at this time you need a software that brings back all the data and all you important data and files for the future use. The software that recover all the data that has been lost and also reform it in that shape which is understand by us. The software that does this job for us is the TestDisk software. It recovers all our lost data. And this reduces our tension. This software is very useful and it helps us in many ways and it is very easy to use. It basically designed to recover all type of formatted data and also make the non-bootable disks bootable. It is very friendly to use you can also recover your partition table by using TestDisk software, which make this task very easy.

As it is mention earlier that TestDisk software is very easy to use, it is so designed and it has so many tools that a person who has little knowledge of computer can use this software very gently and with full comfort. TestDisk software will help those who have know nothing about recovering techniques, software send them the detailed information and send them for analysis. And those people who are very familiar or the expert fined this software a handy tool in recovering their data.

Life is short and is very beautiful. It is full of happiness and joy. Everybody wants to enjoy his life and want to spend his all life with his family. Family is those people who are most close to the person and they care about that person. This combination of happiness and family make your life. Without them life is meaningless and boring. But it does not happen as a person thought. Sometime you have to leave your family for work or so many other problems. Sometimes sorrows came in our life’s that made us upset and disturb.

 But at that time one thing brings us comfort and that is the great memory of our good time. And these beautiful memories come from the photos and videos that you made at that time. That takes you to back to the great time. So these photo or videos are very important to you and also has great importance in your life. Think if you lost that photos or videos, how much you suffer? In this situation, if accidentally deleted the data means photos PhotoRec software is way to get back your all data in easy way. It is specially designed to recover your multimedia files that are formatted or deleted permanently. That includes your videos, important pictures, songs, digital camera memory etc. This software is very useful in such a way that it totally ignores the system files and directly finds the above mention material.  So that means its even work if the media system file are damaged or deleted.

Unstoppable Copier review

Sometimes due to our careless scratches are put on CD/DVDs or floppy drives and then they are un-readable and we cannot copy data from them. Now we have some important data to be read from them. But the scratches made them damaged and they are not read able. It happens often that our hard disk also became defective due to unknown reasons. But Unstoppable Copier software is that software which makes the damaged and un-readable CD/DVDs readable. It makes that drives to be used properly and in full manageable way. By using this software now it is able to open that CD and also you can copy files from that CD. It makes our defective hard drive to copy things from that. It gives us some relief that our important data and information is not lost, we still have it.

When you computer is not able to copy all the files or data from the CD/DVD then it will delete some damaged files and show you the result as a result our requirement is not completed or our desired result is not found. So when we use Unstoppable Copier software it will copy from the start to the end without skipping any anything from the damaged CD. It will provide us with full information. By using this software we never get the half information. Every time we are complete. By the introduction and the usage of this software we are in tension free situation because we are free from this tension that our information is save and we will get it back if it is accidently deleted. Or it is copied to the defective CD or floppy.

We try to develop software that is most reliable to the customer. It is very easy to use this software. In this you will see the whole process of recovering data or information. For example it any piece of the information is not recovers able then this software after several tries if it again fails it will leave a blank space. This process will allow the customer or user to truly watch the process of recovering of the available data.

When you run the software it will ask u to specify or to select a single file, or you can also  select a group of files by using wildcards  and the software copies all the data from it. This program is very reliable it always not needs to copy things from the defective CD or drives you can also transferred them. So Unstoppable Copier software is the quick way to recover your deleted data and also to copy your data from the scratched of effected drives.  We also try to make it more effective for the user by adding more options for your sake. By the use of this software your time will also save.

Active@ File Recovery for Windows review

As a human being is not capable of remember things. Their brains remember only those things that are needed for him. And as the age of a person goes on, he has to remember more and more things that are around him. So his mind regrets his past and he start to remember more things that are important to him. A man does not have a good memory. That’s why he stared to find other ways to remember data and to recall them. Some try to write the things, which he has to remember and keep those things with him. Some rich people heir men for this job who memories them what they have to do. But the finest way is the computer.

The information that we need to remember and recall we save it in the computer, which has the much more memory than the human. We can save in formation of the several years before occasion and we can recall it several years after. It has very great memory which store tons of information and data on a single chip. As it is a machine so it may be attacked by the viruses, or may be formatted accidently. And all our information will be lost. But at that time Active@File recovery for windows software is there to help you. It will recover all your lost data and you can use them in future. It is very useful software.

Active@File recovery for windows software has the ability to restore your lost data quickly. When your data is lost, you will have to download the software and runs it. It will quickly scan your drives and immediately shows you your lost or deleted data and information. All this will take few minutes.

It is the most powerful and the best and the easiest software to use and handle. It shown beast result for the NTFS and FAT based system files. As this software is very much reliable so we can use also it with SCSI drives, floppy diskettes, EIDE/IDE/ATA, hard drives and digital media {such as Sony memory sticks, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Secure digital/ MultiMediaCard etc ). As we are very kind to our users so all the available recovery in our software is not only as same but even with more contents is available on internet on our website.

Now if you downloaded our full version of software or if you purchase or software it will work properly and it will recover each and every file. But if you downloaded the demo of the software then it will have the limitation that it will recover your deleted or lost file or information that has larger size than 64 kb. But all its other function is the same.

This software can be used at home and also it is best for the small commercial business.

EASEUS Deleted File Recovery review

A computer is a machine which is made up by the man. But it is more powerful and too more accurate than the human being. It has great memory. It’s a calculating machine which calculates at very high speed. Increasing in the popularity of the computers proved that it is a very powerful and useful tool. A computer is a diligence machine which means that it is free from monotony, tiredness, and lack of concentration. It can work for hours without creating any error and without grumbling. It is also a multitasking machine that performs a number of programs at same time. As it is created by man so it performs that work which it has to be told, its I.Q level is zero. As a human being acquires new knowledge, his brain subconsciously selects what it feel to be important and worth retaining in memory.

The brain relegates unimportant details to back of mind or just forget them. This is not the case with the computers. A computer can store and recall any amount of information because of its secondary storage (a kind of detachable memory) capability. It can retain a piece of information as long as a user desires and the user can recall the information when ever required. Even after a several years, a user can recall exactly the same information that he had in the computer several years ago. A computer forgets or looses certain information only when a user asks to do it.

Hence, it is entirely on the user to make a computer retain or forget some information. So that’s why we save our important data on computers so that if e needs them in future we can recall them. It happens often that your computer strikes badly by the viruses and your very important data and files are deleted or corrupted. It is happen sometimes you lost your complete data by accidently formatting. Now u needs software that recovers your all data. Easeus Deleted File Recovery software is there to help you. It is fully functional designed software that can recover your data from any media like Smart Media, Compact Flash, Memory stick, Hard Disk or other type of removable disks.

Some of the main feature of the Easeus Deleted File Recovery software is:

  • It is the software that you need when you accidently deleted you important information, because it will recover your data.
  • This is the only software that has the capability of recovering or retrieving almost every type of files. And from anywhere.
  • It is so powerful tool that it is also capable of recovering data local Personal Computer and other portable devices.
  • Easeus Deleted File Recovery software is very easy to use software especially in Graphical User Interface (GUI). And it is also very fast in recovering information.

FileRestorePlus review

It happens often that if computer strikes badly by the viruses and your very important data and files are deleted or corrupted. It is happen sometimes you lost your complete data, all your important files etc and then you need them back. Now you need them back for your assignment or things like that, at this time you need a software that brings back all the data and all you important data and files for the future use.

The software that recovers all the data that has been lost and also made it in that shape which is useable by us is the FileRestorePlus software. When we delete something within our windows its directly goes to the recycle bin, which is the folder that holds your deleted items, the raw material in the recycle bin can be restore as we needed and as we wanted. It is restored to the same place from where it was deleted. Now if you delete the items that are in the recycle bin or ii you emptied the recycle bin, means all the data in the recycle bin is permanently deleted. Now you need that permanent deleted data back for the future use. You need some magic that bring back that important data. FileRestorePlus software will help you in bringing data back.

The question is why we use FileRestorePlus software? What are its Benefits? And the answer of the entire question is given blew:

  • When are data is deleted and it is permanently deleted we become very worried. We need that data back, we now think about the ways through which we get back our data. We downloaded or buy different software that is available in the market for quickly recover data. But when we fail to achieve our task we become frustrated. So no more frustration your problem is solved by using FileRestorePlus software.
  • As it is mention early that this software is quickest way to recover the deleted data but for the customer sake our engineer working hard day and night to make it better for you. Because nothing is perfect in this world and we want to improve our self. 
  • Now we introduce a Fast Scan Engine: that is a kind of the hard drive that in minutes scanned for the recoverable files. That makes our work more efficient and it take less time to complete our task or the job.